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     Does anyone know if there are any archery ranges in newfoundland or people that would help me with my archery to be ready to hunt with it.

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Have you tried the Rod & Gun Club? If there are no archery ranges here, perhaps we can start one. Is there anyone interested in an archery range? If so please mention it, and see how much interest there is, and we will see what we can do.
There is no Range in St. Johns. There seems to be alot of intrest in bow hunting the past couple of years though. I got into it last year, bought a bow of ebay and a target from pro bass shops. I see alot of people in back of the Goulds shooting targets with bow lately. If you look on cabelas or Bass pro you can get a block target that is field point and broadhead friendly for under $100 when they go on sale. And the biggest thing to remember with a bow is consistency, you want to shot the same way every time.
yeah i am using a bear charge compound bow cost around 600, Had the quiver sights and rest on it. Also bought a pack of 12 100 grain target field points 9 aluminum arrows and 12 carbon fiber 400 grain hellfire arrows from trophy ridge. Have not used the carbon ones yet was hopeful for today but its still raining on and off.I made my own targets out of net bags and some burlap that i got turned into a bag. I have probably shot about 400 arrows in the past 3 weeks and almost have it sighted in for 20 yards to hit dead center.
That target will be fine for field points, but i found with my homemade target when i shot it with the broadheads it was very difficult to get the arrows out. What draw weight have you got your bow set to
i have 2 anchor points the 1st is the feather on the arrow in the corner of my lip and the 2nd is between my thumb and pointer finger at my ear.I also use a T.R.U Copper head release. Also shot one of my broadheads at the target and it still stopped before the flecting was about 4" away so i build em good.
I tried the rod and gun club when i lived in st. johns 4 years ago. they didnt seem too interested in it at the time...they gave me a guys number who had called them a few weeks before about the same thing. him and some of his buddies were trying for a while to get an archery range put out there but for some reason it never worked out....that i know of anyway...i make my targets out of feed bags too and fill them with plastic bags or plastic off a couch or something...have had the same one for 2 years and shoot fairly often...i like going to the beach so if you do miss/pass through you wont lose or break your arrows. i use the wrist strap too and found it tightened up my groups. also try shooting with both eyes open...i couldnt believe what a difference this made. most importantly though is practice practice practice, and long before hunting season if you can...i shoot around 200 arrows a day starting a month before the season starts. and by the time the season starts there is no trouble to hit a pie plate from 50 or even 60 yds consistantly. its not all about being able to point your arrow at something and pull your release...you have to shoot a lot to condition your muscles to be able to hold your bow a full draw without shaking in the feild while waiting for that big bull to step out from behind that spruce. good luck

What would be the longest out door range on the Island be anyone know ? Just wanting to punch a few holes with my 338 lupua magnum .

I don't know. Contact the rod and gun clubs, Complete Gun Repairs or Coastal. One of those may know the answer.


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