how come we can't use the 17hmr in newfoundland it got twice the power then a 22 and hits harder I think its crazy. like they say we are that far back in time we all got stuck there. its time for to stand up for our rights and get thing like the rest of canada

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The 17 its just a lot more fun, shoots faster, hits harder, and extremely accurate. No doubt the 17hmr would be the better choice out of the two, but like you said we are always behind especially with hunting regulation's! 

I have a savage 17 HMR it is a relly nice gun and has lost of power to kill a lot of should be able to use this gun for rabbits and other small game....are trappers aloude to use this gun for killing coyotes in traps? I watched a video on youtube and the feller killed a wolf with one shot with his 17 HMR

i don't think like i said newfoundland hunting is the last on the list and we got to speak up.In other parts of canada they can hunt at night and so i thinking  twice on getting the 17 hmr pass for hunting I wish  it will be passed

Hey John,

Well there is a group of us that have started a Federation to stand up for rights of Hunters & Anglers in this province! I'll bring this up to the board and see if we can't get something changed.


whats the sence of selling gun like this if you can't hunt with it. if i want to shoot targets ill use my 22-250 or my shot gun i like to have a gun for rabbits that well kill it .I was out on a old road and i  shot 4 rabbits with the 22 i had and i never got eather one of the I was hitting them but the 17hmr will kill it for sure thanks E.D and and lets get something done about getting the 17hmr passed to hunt with


Well you should do some checking up on what you can shot with it first befor you buy. It's like buying a 30-06 for duck hunting, you are not aloud. There are restrictions on gun for reason..  But she is a nice gun.

yes your right on that but a 22 is rimfire and 22mag is rimfire and the 17hmr is rimfire so whats the diff you can use the 22 and 22mag for hunting rabbits why not the 17hmr it hits harder then a 22 and about the same as 22mag

My guess as to why the 17 hmr is not permitted for hunting is probably because is wasnt even invented back when 22 rimfires were permitted for small game.

Anyone who was around back then will remember that the main reason the 22 became permitted was largely due to the Trapper Assoc and the fact a firearm was needed to dispatch the newly arrived Coyote.

The ballistics in fact was a main reason why they hesitated , you have to remember at that time the only thing rifles were permitted for were seals and big game. And any bullet capable of rsnges in excess of a mile was a cause of concern for government.

I would hope that this mostly an oversight and the Newly Formed Federation can resolve it.

altho not the ideal gun,with a well placed shot the 17 hmr has no problem with coyotes. i have seen quite a few drop dead inside 100 yds with the 17.

so when well we know  the 17hmr will be good to hunt with its a great gun and lots of power i say it kill a coyote 150 yard a great all round gun

I think at 150 yds you would be out of any part of the effective killing range of the 17 hmr. The challenge you would have would be penetration and accuracy,While the 17 will work on coyotes,accuracy is critical, you have to place the shot with precision., At 150 yds the wind with push those little bullets around considerably, making bullet placement under a single shot hunting condition challenging to say the least.

The construction of most if not all 17 hmr bullets is for rapid expansion not penetration. At 150 yd ranges I think you would see a large number of coyotes take the hit and run away. It would probably die at some point. But not before you could find it.You will lose more than you will get.

Several of the bird spotters out west carry 17 hmr on the dash of their trucks out west, these guys shoot at coyotes almost every day.  An average morning bird scouting in Sask you will see 6 or 10 coyotes. Inside 100 yds they will put the majority down, but past 100 yds you will see a lot run off when hit. And these guys are shooters. Growing up in those big fields out west, they know how to reach out there.

From the little I have read the energy of a 17 hmr at 150 yds would be down to about 100 ft/lbs.Thats not much more than a solid kick in the butt.

I think for my part if I was going thru the work of getting a coyote to 150 yds, Id want to be gunned with something more effective. A 204, 223, 22-250.

The 17 hmr is a fun little gun, it was built for paper and small varmints, rats, ground squirrels etc.But if coyote was my purpose, for about the same money Id buy a Savage Axis in a fast twist barrel in a 223.

***** Nothing wrong with a 204 or 22-250*******

It gives you a longer shooting season, target or hunting.Sept thru July. ( even if the 17 hmr becomes legal for hunting it will only be during small game season. same as all rimfires) longer range shooting for your paper, and far more knock down power for coyotes. Granted ammo is more pricey.  

you maybe right on a 150 yards but a 100 yard shot be easy for the 17 hmr


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