I'm thinking about getting a beagle and am wondering if there are any real big differences between male and female beagles besides the obvious.  Both would be fixed, so the female heat cycle won't be a deciding factor.  I hear that females are a little calmer and easier to train; is this true?  The dog would be a house dog as well as a hunting dog.


Any advice would be appreciated.

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I have had both. I have a 13" female that is 7.5 years old. She is the best hunting dog I have had to far. She was very easy to house train. She is excellent with children. The male I had was also a very good hunting dog and very easy to house train. He was also excellent with small children. For me it would depend on the dog. If it was a female I would get her fixed, if not she would bleed in the house. But you are having the male or female fixed so it don't matter. I would let the dog pick me.

Hey Robert not wrong with (small dog) lol Beagle However there is other real dogs lol I used Redbone and 2 coochonds (Black and Tan) look at my home page If u leave on the shore cbs and like to see them run a rabbit look me
Hi Robert, I've been hunting for over 30 years have had both male & female beagles.  Personally speaking it all depends on the dog it either got it or it don't.
Personally i find that the female beagles are the better of the 2. I find them very easy to handle in the woods, i had 1 as a house pet and it was very friendly with everyone it ever met, and i find that they are alot better hunters to. I have hunted over a few males before but never owned one and i found they had a stubbern side to them.

Robert, you can get good females and males, but from my experience it is much easier to get an excellent female. Another thing I discovered is that the females that I have had tend to be alot better when hunting on snow.Although I do have a young male right now that is showing some good potential on the snow .The biggest thing I find is that whatever you choose wether it be male or female is to train him on his own to teach him independence at a young age so he will actually search for the rabbit ( start ) and not just be one of those lazy beagles that wait for another dog to start the rabbit. Also do a bit of research on who you are getting the dog from and how good the parents of the dogs are as hunters. I hope this is of some help to you !!! Good Luck, R .Chafe


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