Not sure if everyone on this group are aware, but there is a new Facebook group called Newfoundland Bowhunters. Bunch of great people over there and worth checking out. Also there is an indoor range down at the Paddon building in pleasantville that allows civilians to joint for full access or they can come to the few civilian shoots that occur weekly.

Also the Rod and Gun club have placed an order for some 3D targets and will be hosting Monday night shoots this summer.

AND, O.P. Fishing and hunting are now a full bow shop, setting up and selling bows as well as arrows, custom cut and fletched. The crew there have become well trained and are very knowledgeable for anyone who needs any work done or are new and need help getting started.

Bow hunting seems to be growing very rapidly and this is a Great Leap Forward for the sport!

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If it is done properly. My concern with bow hunting; there are many many cripples getting away now from the rifle hunter. I shutter to think how many will escape Wounded from a bow.
Peter, that is such an ignorant comment. You being the moderator of this site, i'm dosappointed that that is your view towards bowhunting.
Ben I think I know what Peter is getting at. I didn't like he comment either but I think it's just worded wrong. I'd like to think he means that people will go get a FAS with only doing a one day course and go buy a gun, shoot it once or twice and then go hunting. I'm assuming he thinks the same will happen with people and bows. But it's even easier for them as you do not require any license to buy a bow. But you do need your hunter ID card. Like anything else, practice makes perfect, we have an awful lot of hunters who do not practice with their rifles thus leading to a lot of wounded animals who suffer.

I'd like to think that with a is we would see a lot less wounded animals wondering our wilderness because shooting a bow is a bit more challenging than a rifle require a lot of practice and understanding of how they work and tune. Most people who will pick up a how and not do he research and learn how a bow works and how to tune it will quit the sport very quickly as they won't be able to hit any target. I'd also like to think that bowhunting will make better hunters as like I previously stated, there is a lot to Archery(I know there is a lot to shooting a rifle too but you can pay someone to set up your rifle and it should shoot pretty much for anyone, not the case with a bow) that forces the shooter to practice their hole off to hit the target. Which brings me to my original post about the new ranges. There will be more easily accessible practice areas for bows then there are for rifles which allows people to practice more and become better shooters.

To assume that people hunting with bows will lead to wounded animals from bad shots is pretty ignorant of e sport.but I don't think and I hope that was not the intention of Peters post.
My comment was not ment to insult anyone any way shape or form. It takes a lot of practice to get good with a bow or a rifle.
some people don't care.
Looking at my comment I could have worded it differently for sure.
here is an experience I had in area 36.
opening day 2 years ago, my son got his first moose license. He shot a young bull and made a nice shot. He made a nice shot because he had practiced often before the season opened.
As we were cleaning up the moose a fella came by having a chat. He was moose hunting to. I had to run to the truck to get steel for the knives. Low and behold here was a moose grazing about 50 yards from the truck. I went back to where we had the animal down and informed him there was a moose just off the road back by the truck. So we both started up over the hill to the truck. Sure enough the moose was still there grazing. He attempted to load a round into the chamber of the rifle. He couldn't do it. He asked me to do it. It was an old 303. I had never used one. I moved what looked to be a safety and sure enough the bolt came back and loaded a round into the chamber.
I said here you go. Gun is ready to fire.
He then said to me "I've never fired a gun before, would you shoot the moose for me". I said NO! For thing it's illegal and I said I have never fired that gun. That might not be sighted in. Anyway he shot the cow and yup she took off and he never did find her.
I guess it wouldn't have mattered gun or bow this guy was an idiot, and this was what ran through my mind when I made that comment.
truthfully it's not the bow like the gun it's the person behind it.
I do apologize for my offending remarks.


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