Hello. I am interested in learning to reload rifle ammo, specifically .222 and 6.5x55. Is there anyone in Central that would be interested in showing me the ropes?



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where are you in central, I spend time in Gambo Pond, Ill help you with your reloading as best I can. I have been reloading for over 20 years for both hunting and target.I have loaded both 222 and 6.5 x 55. Is your swede a newer action or and older mauser style.

Norris Arm, work in Gander. Older Mauser action.

I spend a nice bit of time in the Gambo Pond area. Let me know how I can help and I will do the best I can.

Most of the info you will see published is applicable for the swede.

What gear do you have now.? what make is your 222?

No gear as of yet, I want to see what I need for the basics and get good gear.


Savage 340

there are some good kits available. RCBS is pretty good gear.You will need dies and some bench tools. Case trimmer,beveler, and of course powder, primers,cases dies.

You need to wrap your mind around how much you want to spend. I suggest you spend as much as you can afford on your kit. Presses and scales etc will last you for years. I have a RCBS Rock chucker that I have used for almost 25 years, it will not wear out.

Its the same with Dies, I use Redding but Lee dies are a bit cheaper and are very good.If you go Lee go with the 3 die set,which includes the collett die.

A lot of things you can add as you go, drop hints so your family and friends can give them to you for xmas and birthdays.

There are paths you can go that isnt that expensive and some that are. Example would be case trimmers( cuts your empty case to the proper length. Lee makes a great little rig that works like a charm and its less than $10.

Let me check a few catalogs and see what I can dig up.


I am a firm believer in getting a good press to begin with. Kits will begin at around $130.00 But the press looks like crap.

Le Baron in Montreal ( www.lebaron.ca) sells a RCBS Kit ( 09361) with a Rock Chucker Press, I use this press and have for years.The kit is $400 plus the shipping.

or Lyman Expert Loading Kit ( 7810140) for $432.94

The Lyman is better value as it gives you a case trimmer. BUT Lee makes a trimmer that works like a charm and is only about $8 per caliber.

Whats your thoughts


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