I don't have a problem reducing the number of moose licenses wherever declines in the population require it, but I am against reducing the length of the season. It's fine for those who have jobs with a lot of vacation or those not working to get time to hunt but many of us can only hunt on weekends and the season is short enough as it is.

I would push it back a month so that it starts everywhere in October.  Just towards the end of the berry picking season. Run it from October to the end of January in all areas, not just the Avalon.

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The issue I have with the Jan. hunt is mainly that the fetus is well formed in the cows. 

If that is the case then I'd have no problem with no cows in January regardless of the license.

I would leave the opening date to where it is because myself  and a lot of other hunters I know find that the meat taste better earlier in the season before the Rut. I do think that the hunt should be close around the first of December because of the cow being in calf. Here in area 1 when they started the cow only hunt, with in two years you could notice a difference in the population. And now that the population has dropped to below 3/4 of what it used to be people with bull or calf only are harvesting more and more calfs because they are getting tired of spending so much time hunting and not seeing  any bulls. I think that the calf should be took out of the hunt all together. Just my thoughts.

While the meat may taste better the first month, there are allot of other people in the woods at that time of year and even hunting with a vest on this year I pity the unarmed berry picker.

Reducing the numbers of moose harvested will reduce the pressure on both male\female.

I'm still in favour of bow hunters being able to start and finish a month earlier.

I'd like to see the season reduced back to where it was. There is too much pressure on the moose now as it is. January month is a hard time of year for moose. The snow takes it toll on them with traveling and finding food. They tend to loose some of their body mass. The last thing they need are hunters chasing them. I'd also like to see taking a cow with a calf banned. You can't shoot a bear with Cubs so the same should apply to moose.

I agree with banning the shooting of a cow with calf but that is next to impossible to actually enforce.  You could put it with the hopes that it will happen less often.

That is where hunter ethics plays a part.


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