Anyone ever wonder why you are not permitted to shoot a sow with a cub, but you can shoot a cow with a calf...


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Comment by Peter Emberley on Tuesday
The amount of moose crippled and left to suffer or rot is staggering. I have heard people bragging they shot 4 or 5 moose opening day while not filling their own tags.
The Hunter code of ethics is non existent in this province. It's disgusting to say the least.

My son had a license this year, it has been filled by a dry cow.
He passed on the first bull because he wasn't comfortable with making a clean kill. He passed on 2 more bulls later in the day. The monster bull was less than 100 yards. He wouldn't shoot because all he could see was the antlers and it's back as it trotted along.
Out came the other bull. Again he was less than 100 yards this time the moose was in the open. When he got ready to shoot he noticed the stock had come loose from the barrel and the scope also loosened up. He wouldn't shoot because he was worried he would cripple it and not make a clean kill. We left there came back to town and got the rifle fixed.
Next day a cow with a small calf stood broadside to us about 40 yards away. He wouldn't shoot it because of the calf.
2 trips later we had a cow come out in front of us and he filled his license.

Oh and that monster bull ended up getting hit the next morning and took off in the woods. The other bull that was in the area was killed by the same person that crippled the monster bull.
Comment by Ray Hynes on Tuesday

The inland Fish and Wildlife crowd have a serious public relations problem/attitude.
In that job, if you don't have the public working with you, you are not working. In enforcement and protection, you are only as good as the help you get. No public relations, no help. end of story.

Comment by Boyd Winsor on Tuesday

Conservation is a dirty word with this bunch  we have in Govt. 

Comment by Ray Hynes on Monday

On the moose hunting, I have area 100.  Been out 5 times so far and have not seen as much as a print.  Did see where some moose were taken BEFORE the season opened. On Boyd's comment, my area also takes in 3km of area 31.  No sign in there either.  Several factors at work here.  The NALCOR operations have seriously interrupted the habitat and habits of moose.  Another factor, and probably more serious, is amount of pouching.  Last week I learned of 2  'sportsman' from one small community, were after shooting 9 moose so far, and probably more by now.  Another from Trinity Bay is rumored to have shot 23 last season, taking orders from people who prefer to sit and watch TV,  rather than enjoy the challenges that nature offers.  I am sure, you who are reading this, are well aware of what I talking about.  The provincial government couldn't give a rat's ass about the preservation of wildlife, despite the fact that the hunting sport is a self-sustaining activity, and does not cost the government a red cent.  On the contrary, we feed other other government projects, when the funds should go towards more enforcement related activity.  The government only PRETENDS to care about the environment, and tries to massage the minds of the people into thinking they are on top of it all. BS.  
Shall I continue.  Not enough wild life officers, and of those that are, only a small percentage are dedicated to the job..

Comment by Boyd Winsor on Monday


Comment by kenneth Griffiths on Monday
Area 31 is shot up. I hear hunters talking about how they missed the moose but never went to see if it was hit. That will decline a population for sure. I have only seen 1 moose taken in 31. Guess the government and sopac is getting thete way. Hard to understand why....
Comment by Boyd Winsor on Monday

My buddy and I are having a hard time getting an animal in area 31 for the first time ever. Very few moose left here. I have covered a lot of country. Sad. Wildlife told me that only one moose has been taken on farm. They said it is a different year for sure. I have had my unpleasant experiences with area 36. A great area for moose but far to many covetous hunters. I'll never apply in that area again.

Comment by kenneth Griffiths on Monday
Jezz what a mess to get into. That's one of my biggest reason for applying iny home town. Not fit to go anywhere else. My brother got a 9 point bull. Nice moose. Congrats peter on the cow. Sure she will be fine eating.
Comment by Peter Emberley on Monday
My son had a license this year for 36. First one we seen was too far for him to shoot comfortably. He decided to pass as he couldn't get any closer (bull). Next one was a cow. She was on the run, again he passed. Third time the charm...
We went to another spot and seen 2 beauty bulls. One was a monster. He seen the big bull running through the woods. All he could see was the pans about 80 yards. He wouldn't shoot because he couldn't get a clear shot. Bull # 2 presented itself. At this time the barrel and the stock of the rifle separated and the scope came loose. He wouldn't shoot because he was worried about crippling the animal.
That was day 1.
Day 2 someone went in where he had seen the 2 bulls. They crippled the monster and he got away but they killed the smaller one. Still a nice animal. We went to another spot we had seen moose the day before. Didn't see anything that way. I stopped on the road and made a few calls and sure enough a bull answered. My son got set up to shoot and some idiot in a wine coloured dodge decided to pull over and watch. As every car or truck passed he shouted to the vehicle. The moose stopped responding. We left there and out of no where a lonesome cow was o a bog. We pulled over he got out and headed off the road. As he did another truck pulled and drove the moose away.
Nice people hunting area 36.
We left there and decided to go get a bite to eat. As we come around the turn a cow and calf walked out in front of us and walked down over the edge of the road and out onto the bog. My son got out walked onto the bog as well. Cow and calf stayed there about 40 yards away. He knows how I feel about cows with a calf. He loaded the gun, put the crosshairs on the cow. He said I can't shoot that and came back to the truck. He was up and down on his decision.
I told him, you have to be happy with what you choose to do.
To shorten the story he shot a dry cow on Saturday.
All in all it was a pretty good hunt. Feed of moose for supper tomorrow.
Comment by Lee Chaulk on Sunday

tough decision..I don't think i would shoot...

Comment by Peter Emberley on April 10, 2017 at 10:52pm
It's a personal decision. I wouldn't shoot a cow with a calf.
Comment by Wade William Turner on April 10, 2017 at 1:25pm

I have always wondered about that, I would not take a cow that I know has a calf, but would take the calf late in the season if that was all was available. You would probably be doing the calf a favor if it was alone and the cow dead.

Comment by Peter Emberley on March 11, 2017 at 11:15am
Our moose herd really does need protection and the hunters have to stand together and do just that.
Comment by Gary WIlliams on December 7, 2016 at 10:01pm
We seen a cow and calf last January in the snow and that calf followed every move the cow made. Mortality rate is high enough let alone taking the mother. There is a possibility of another cow taking it as her own. That calf will stand by the paunch bawling until someone or something gets it.
Comment by Peter Emberley on December 7, 2016 at 9:49pm
I don't think the calf will survive it's first winter alone. The cow has to show the calf where to find food in a harsh winter.
Comment by kenneth Griffiths on December 7, 2016 at 12:25pm

We will not shoot a cow if she has a calf. But we will take the calf if we have the licence for it.  I don't think that it's right to do so. I have seen a lot of calf's bauling out to the cow and the cow is dead. If there is enough coyote's in the area that calf is as good as gone.

But in saying that I would guess to say that the sow will get meat for the cub and a calf can eat on it's own.?????????????



Good point

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